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Anti-scratch Anti-reflection Mirror Hydrophobic Oleophobic Plastic Tint




Introducing a Revolutionary AR Coating “Easy to Clean”

  • A new superior AR Coating with a Super Hydrophobic/Oleophobic layer Repels water, oils, dust and easy to clean smudges.
  • Eliminates reflections for improved vision
  • Durable scratch resistance
  • 2-year patient satisfaction warranty. 

A new level of performance in anti-reflective coating. CHC AR Satin is the latest technological advance in anti-reflective coatings. CHC AR Satin is a registered trademark of the Riverside Opticalab group.


CHC AR Ultra With UV Protection

Your lenses are engineered to provide excellent clarity of vision, CHC AR ULTRA UV coated lenses are designed to improve your vision with UV protection on the back side, keeping your lens clean, clear and protected for years to come. Both your vision and appearance will be improved with the new CHC AR ULTRA UV coating.

CHC AR Blocker With UV Protection

The use of protective eyewear can play an important role in shielding your eyes against the effects of blue light. This protection has been designed to protect your eyes against the harmful light of ultra-violet rays reflected in the eye from the back side of the lens.



Riverside Opticalab is proud manufacturer of the Crizal® family of coatings. Crizal® anti-reflective lenses protect your eyes and your lenses. Thanks to the E-SPF® 25* index, they protect from the UV rays reflected in the eye from the back side of the lens, ensuring eye health over time. They offer the best enduring clarity of vision by eliminating the enemies of clear vision: reflections, scratches, smudges, dust and water, to help you enjoy every moment of your life. * E-SPF® WAS DEVELOPED BY ESSILOR INTERNATIONAL SA AND ENDORSED BY THIRD PARTY EXPERTS. THE E-SPF® INDEX RELATES TO LENS PERFORMANCE ONLY AND EXCLUDES DIRECT EYE EXPOSURE THAT DEPENDS ON EXTERNAL FACTORS (WEARER’S MORPHOLOGY, FRAME SHAPE, POSITION OF WEAR). E-SPF® 25 WHEN CRIZAL® IS COMBINED WITH ANY LENS MATERIAL OTHER THAN CLEAR 1.5 PLASTIC