Persona Elite Plus

Superb clarity of vision

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The Persona Elite Plus is a personalized lens design that has evolved from the Persona family of High Definition lenses and represents the most advanced creation of lens development.

The design incorporates the latest in aberration correction software so the position of wear principles are maximized, resulting in outstanding visual resolution.

To create the most comfortable Persona design to date, the Persona Elite Plus features an optimization of extremely wide viewing areas and instantaneous viewing comfort.

All viewing tasks from distance to intermediate to neat are refined to provide exceptional clarity and relaxed vision.

Wearer trials have returned consistent “WOW” feedback not seen since our introduction of freeform technology in 2006.


  • Seamless clarity of vision, no discernable change of focus, hassle free vision
  • Expansive fields of view
  • Relaxing vision
  • High performance design for both dress and sun / sport wear frames
  • Available in almost all prescriptions
  • Available in any lens material and colour for the discerning patient


The manufacturers of the Persona lenses are committed to continuous product improvement and also to meet or exceed customer’s expectations for lens performance.

Your Visual Expression

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the Persona High Definition lenses deliver a new level of achievement in visual performance. When compared to conventional progressive lenses, the innovative technology used in Persona lenses enlarges the viewing area to obtain maximum comfort.


The Persona Elite Plus lens offers you superb clarity of vision through all gazes. This lens offers maximized viewing for distance, intermediate and near.


  • Seamless vision
  • No discernible change of focus
  • Expansive fields of view
  • Immediate comfort
  • Relaxing vision